3 Ways to Debut Your New Branding

Woohoo! You did it! You made the decision to invest in beautiful, cohesive, professional visual branding and are so excited to share it with your audience.

So what do you do now?

I’m a big fan of celebrating all the things, so I think that having new branding is certainly something to celebrate! I’m coming to you today with 3 ways to celebrate and debut your new visual branding with your audience and fans. Let’s jump right in!

Involve your Audience!

Friend, listen closely! If your audience is involved in the buildup to your new branding, I can promise that they will be so, so, so excited once you finally debut it!

I strongly encourage you to let your audience know as soon as you have made the decision to brand/rebrand, to help them get just as excited as you are! Tell them about why you decided to make the investment right now: did you finally save up enough money to work with the designer you’ve been dying to work with? Are you pivoting your business? Have you been reading my blog posts and seeing the importance of consistent and cohesive branding? (Kidding, sort of! 😉) Tell them your why!

As your brand debut gets closer, share previews that you receive from your designer! These shouldn’t be too revealing- I don’t recommend showing your whole logo, but maybe a small slice of it? Perhaps show off 2-3 colors from your color palette or a sneak peek of your brand icon? Or maybe a few photos from your branding mood board? Showing these little things helps your audience get excited to finally see it all put together!

I also recommend hosting a countdown! This can be on your website or something as simple as your Instagram stories. Have a specific day and time in mind for your launch, and be sure to post about it when everything is converted over!

Get Your Biz Besties Involved!

I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt – your biz besties want to celebrate with you!

Reach out to past clients and brands you’ve worked with in the past to ask them to share the good news on your debut day. It might be helpful to have a graphic ready for them – the less work they have to do on the day-of, the more likely they are to want to participate with you!

Having other brands and social media accounts sharing your big news will only expand your reach and show your new branding off to a bigger audience, so what’s not to love about that?

Host a Giveaway!

Hosting giveaways has always been a great way for me to get fresh, new eyes on my website and social media accounts. Hosting one during a new brand debut is a great idea!

I recommend giving away something that would be valuable to your specific ideal audience (like a product or service you offer), rather than something more generic like an Amazon or Starbucks gift card. While it’s tempting to give away something that more people would be interested in, you really only want to attract people who will stick around after the giveaway is over.

You can even try to round up goodies from other providers who offer complimentary services to yours to make it even more tempting for your audience to join in on the fun and share the giveaway with their own audience!

Do you have any other ideas for how you might debut your new brand? Drop them in a comment below!

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