5 Ways Branding Up-Levels Your Business

If you’ve been around for awhile, you may have realized that I am a big proponent of having a cohesive visual brand across all of the places you show up for your audience – website, social media, print materials, all of it!

While I won’t get too far into the importance of branding, I do want to bring you 5 reasons why branding will boost your business to a new level! I have seen these with my own clients, as well as experiencing them myself when I rebranded my own business back in 2020.

My hope is that these items will show you the value that comes along with having a cohesive visual presence! So, without further ado, here are 5 ways that branding can boost your business.

It Helps You Serve Your Audience

When you work with a professional brand designer, there’s a good chance that you’ll be working on more than just your visual branding! With my own clients, for example, I lead them through a very in-depth branding questionnaire before I even begin thinking about logo designs or color palettes.


Well, the main reason is because I want to make sure that my clients are crystal clear on exactly who their ideal audience is, what that audience needs, and how they can show up and serve those clients to meet their needs. In doing this, I have found that my clients gain a new sense of brand clarity and confidence – they’re no longer guessing who they should be speaking to, they know exactly who to market to and what they need to hear.

It Boosts Your Confidence

In addition to giving them clarity, having a beautiful and consistent brand also empowers and emboldens my clients to show up and serve those ideal clients! Serving up free content, developing new offers, and giving consistent value come along with the territory of developing a confidence in your business. If you’re confident and know who you are and who you serve, you’ll show up and serve. Period.

Plus – would you show up to an in-person client meeting in a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants? Probably not! That’s what it can look like when you show up with a copy-and-paste, mismatched brand. Showing up as your best self (and your brand’s best self) will give you the little extra oomph that you need!

It Saves You Time

Truthfully, I can think of several ways that having a beautiful and cohesive brand presence can save you time, but we’ll just go over the two big ones here!

Having a set group of colors and fonts associated with your brand makes it super easy to create visuals and graphics that share your knowledge, tips, and tricks with your audience!

I can honestly say that I spend no more than 5 minutes on each graphic that I share on Facebook and Instagram… and it’s not because I’m whipping up some ugly images, it’s because I know exactly what colors and fonts to use!

I know that gold is one of my brand element, so I can put a gold border around a simple text box and it’s beautiful and on-brand. I know that if I want to emphasize a specific word in a graphic, I can make the body of the text Quicksand font and use my chosen script font for emphasis. I know exactly what HEX codes I can use for backgrounds and shapes and text.

You guys, it’s so fast and easy for me to make branded graphics!

But, digging a little deeper, knowing who I serve also saves me tons of time when I’m creating content! I serve lots of service-based entrepreneurs, but I seem to gravitate mostly toward virtual assistants. I don’t want to create the same content that they share (things like time-saving tips); instead, I want to create content that will serve and help them! And one thing I know that they struggle with is standing out amongst the masses of other virtual assistants.

Viola! That’s the content I need to create and share.

It Saves You Money

Okay, okay, hear me out before you write off this one. I completely understand that working with a professional brand designer is a hell of an investment. I know that it costs a lot of money!

Do you know what else costs a lot of money?

  • Spending hours creating graphics that you aren’t confident fit within your DIY brand
  • Buying “branded templates” on Etsy and not knowing how to make them fit your brand
  • Investing in Instagram caption prompts that have ben developed for your niche, because you aren’t quite sure what content your audience needs to hear

Do you see my point?

Now, let me say this – there is nothing wrong with investing in templates or prompts… once you have your life figured out! Buying those things will not teach you who you serve or what content they need… so if you don’t already have a clear handle on those things, it’s essentially a waste of money.

Once I had a firm grasp on my own branding, I definitely did invest in some templates and prompts, but it was so easy to make them work for me because I already knew how to customize them for my own brand and audience.

Investing a larger sum of money up-front for a clean, crystal-clear, cohesive visual brand will absolutely save you money in the long run, I’m absolutely sure of it.

It Makes You Look Professional

Listen, guys, I absolutely can’t stress the importance of this enough. If you want people to invest in your products or services, you absolutely must come across as someone who knows what they’re doing.

I know that the word professional can come across as meaning stuffy and lacking personality, but that’s not what I mean at all! In this instance, I am using professional as a way to say someone who knows what the heck they’re doing.

You are absolutely, 100% allowed and encouraged to show your personality in your branding, there’s no doubt about that! Heck, I did a whole training in my Facebook group about showing up in your own business. But, you have to show up as someone who knows what’s up.

I don’t want to sound mean, but here’s the truth: you’re going to have a hard time booking clients if your content is upbeat and happy one day, and sad and depressing the next. You won’t build trust with your audience if you show up with minimal, pastel graphics one day and bold, neon-colored graphics the next. Your audience won’t learn to immediately recognize your content if you change the fonts you use every single time you make a new graphic to post.

I hope that this post has shown you the immense value that branding can bring to your business! My goal is to empower female entrepreneurs with their branding so that they have the confidence to show up and serve their ideal clients. I wholeheartedly in the power of branding, and I hope that you do now, too!

If you are interested in booking a FREE discovery call to discuss upleveling your own brand design, please click below – there’s never any pressure to buy my services, pinkie promise!