Behind the Scenes: New Packages and Pricing!

Hi, friends!

Today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of Rebecca Fletcher Designs and let you in on my reasoning behind my recent branding package updates! I’m so excited about the direction my business is moving in and know that these packages will help get me there faster.

If you recall, I previously offered several different packages. I offered a single logo, a logo suite (with a primary logo, secondary logo, and logo icon), and then my full branding package (including everything in the logo suite + a branding mood board, custom color palette, curated fonts, and 2 Zoom calls to discuss progress).

Now, however, I have updated my offerings to just 2 packages that I know will help entrepreneurs with their visual branding far better than the others could.

The first change I made was deciding to nix the single logo design. The reasoning is pretty simple- one single logo couldn’t possibly work in every situation (see this blog post to learn why!) and I want to offer a logo suite that allows for a logo for every situation. Need a circular logo for a profile picture? Use your icon! Need a short, wide logo for a website header? Check, you’ve got it! Need a more square logo for an Instagram graphic? Ding, ding, ding, you have it!

The main reason that I decided to do away with the single logo design is that I truly don’t think that having one logo variation is enough, and I want my clients to have a sense of consistency across their entire web presence (and everywhere else they might use a logo).

I also decided to do away with my Branding Audit… at least for now! Why? It wasn’t very popular, and I have been toying with the idea of offering a limited number of branding audits for free each month. With that hanging in the balance, I decided to remove it from my website for the time being.

The next change I decided on was to upgrade my logo suite. Previously, the logo suite only included a logo design questionnaire and 3 logos (a primary, a secondary, and an icon). Now, however, the logo suite (which has been renamed The Gold Branding Package) also includes access to my ever-growing collection of curated color palettes + access to my list of font pairings (which were previously only available in my DIY Branding Kit), and a 30-minute Zoom call so I can help you choose which colors and fonts might best represent your business.

This change happened for a couple of reasons: I am branding myself as a brand designer, which means that I need to be focused on more than just logo design. But honestly, now that I understand the power of consistency in the branding and marketing of a business, I can’t leave my clients high and dry with nowhere to turn for colors and fonts!

I am a visual branding consultant- you know your brand best, and I can help you make it beautiful and consistent. Make sense?

The one package that I did not make any changes to was my full branding package (which has been renamed The Platinum Branding Package). Why no changes to my biggest package? Because it is by far my most popular! I’m a big fan of the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” (Though if you book this package, you may find that there are some surprises along the way. 😉)

Something New – Announcing My Referral Program!

Something that I am SO excited to announce is my new Referral Program! All current and previous clients are eligible for this program.* How does it work? When you refer someone to me and they end up booking a Gold or Platinum Branding Package, you will automatically be sent $25/$50 cash (respectively) through PayPal! The new client will also receive $25/$50 off of their package.

(To be clear, you will receive $25 if they book a Gold Branding Package and $50 if they book a Platinum Branding Package. They will receive the same amount off of their package.)

*This is effective as of the day this post is published (4/8/2021).

One More Thing – My New(ish) Facebook Group!

Have you checked out my new Facebook group yet? Amazing things are happening there! I have seen several group members already gain so much clarity within their personal and visual branding during the challenge I hosted this past week. It’s truly amazing to have one place where I can help people! Want to join in on the fun? You can join by clicking here!

I hope you have enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes peek into my blooming business! Thank you SO much for coming along for the ride with me. I appreciate you more than you know!