Brand Design for Emily Feldhouse, Virtual Assistant

I am so excited to be sharing about the brand identity I created for Emily Feldhouse and her virtual assistant services!

Emily came to me as a new virtual assistant who works with network marketers. She had no current branding and was looking for a brand identity that would help her clients feel confident and at peace with their decision to work with her. She wanted a brand that was classic, timeless, and put together.

After our initial discovery call, I sent Emily a copy of my branding questionnaire. Once I got the questionnaire back, I began to study her answers and form a general idea of what kinds of things she might like.

With her questionnaire answers in mind, I opened up a new Pinterest board, added Emily as a collaborator, and began adding a few things to it. I knew from her answers that she didn’t want anything flashy and that she was looking for a darker, more moody color palette, so I added a handful of items with that aesthetic

Over the course of the next few days, Emily and I both added to the board. I was very pleased when I saw that we definitely had the same vision for her branding!

I noticed that the pins that Emily was adding to the mood board included a lot of script fonts. I also took note that many of the pins that she added featured some sort of circular element. There were a lot of blues and earth tones, and the general overall aesthetic was very modern and clean.

This is a snapshot of some items Emily and I had added to the collaborative Mood Board for her brand.

Knowing that I already had a general idea of which colors I wanted to incorporate, I first set out making her logo options. Emily purchased my full branding package, meaning that I designed 3 initial logo concepts for her to choose from.

Once I had the 3 concepts ready to present, Emily and I got on a Zoom call so I could walk her through the three choices as well as show mockups of each one to help her visualize what the logos could look like on a website and some products. Here are the three logo concepts I presented to her:

Can you guess which one she chose?

*drumroll please*

She chose the third! (I didn’t tell her this before the meeting so as not to sway her opinion, but I definitely also liked that one the most!)

(It’s important for me to note that I always design and present logos in black and white before adding any color elements. This is because I don’t want a client falling in love with a logo just because of the color it is presented with. After the design is tweaked, color can be added in if desired.)

The full branding package Emily invested in includes two logo variations along with a submark/brand icon, so after she had made her decision on the primary logo, I set about working on her secondary logo and brand icon.

For her secondary logo, we decided on a simple horizontal layout. We played around with adding in the circular element, but since Emily’s last name is so much longer than her first name, it always seemed to appear lopsided.

Emily’s secondary logo features a simple, horizontal layout.

The brand icon that I designed was a very simplified version of her primary logo, including just her first and last initial along with the circular element.

The logo icon shows Emily’s first and last initial and includes the circular element from her primary logo.

After Emily had approved all of her logo variations, I next moved on to designing her branding color palette. Emily had expressed an interest in one of my pre-made palettes, Lunar Sparkler, so I built her palette based on the thoughts she had expressed during our calls and in her questionnaire.

Lunar Sparkler is the pre-made palette that I used as a baseline for designing Emily’s custom color palette.
Emily’s custom color palette includes dark, moody colors with a few jewel tones for contrast.

I knew that Emily was looking for deep, rich colors and wanted to steer clear of bright colors, so her color palette was custom made to match the aesthetic she desired. The palette includes some dark, earthy colors as well as a few jewel tones.

Once Emily had approved the color palette, the final task was selecting her font options. These are fonts to be used in marketing, on her website, in social media posts, flyers and other print products, and anywhere else her branding would apply.

Depending on the needs and aesthetic of each individual brand, the full branding package Emily invested in includes 2-3 font choices. I sent her several options to choose from, and then we refined the choice she had made. We played around with different weights and spacing, along with all caps and traditional capitalization.

After the font choices were finalized, it was time to wrap everything up! I sent Emily her 3 logo variations in both black and white, her color palette (along with HEX, RGB and CMYK codes), and font files so she could have everything available in one place.

Here is Emily’s finalized branding board, showing all elements of her new brand!

I am so thrilled with how this branding project turned out, and Emily was a wonderful client who was so much fun to work with! I typically work with bright pastels and neutral color palettes, so working with these deep earth and jewel tones was a really fun change of pace for me.

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