How Important is a Logo for your Business?

As you begin to build up the elements of your new business, you may be wondering how important a logo actually is. After all, it’s only one small part of your business strategy, right? How important could it possibly be?

Here’s the answer: it’s pretty dang important!

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the game, it’s so important for you to understand what your logo can and should being to the table. A good logo can do wonders for your business, while a bad one… well, we won’t worry about that, will we?

The First Impression

When your dream client lands on your website, what is one of the first things she’ll see?

Your logo!

We know that first impressions are everything, right? And we also know that people definitely tend to judge books by their covers.

If your logo is well-designed and beautiful, it will grab your dream client’s attention and make her want to spend time on your website, building the know/like/trust factor that is so important!

If it’s poorly designed, pixelated, or otherwise unpleasant to look at, you can bet your bottom dollar that she will quickly find herself looking for someone else to meet her needs – namely, your competition!

Your Audience is Looking for It

Imagine that you’re on a road trip, and you’re STARVING. All you can think about is some hot, salty fries and a chocolate shake (which, by the way, is my road trip meal of choice). You quickly look at the exit signs as you whiz by and you see it- the big, beautiful arches! You see that McDonald’s is .3 miles off the exit, so you stop for a bite and then resume your trip.

Having that memorable, iconic logo helped McDonald’s gain your business because you were actively looking for it!

Imagine how much easier it will be for your own ideal client to find you when your logo is unique and they know what to look for.

It Makes Your Brand Easier to Recognize

Wait, isn’t that the same thing? Almost, but not quite!

Having a memorable and unique logo will allow others to remember your business, even if they didn’t know that they were even looking for it.

Think about election season- everyone (and I mean everyone) has signs in their yard with different politicians’ names on them. You and I both know that there are people who go to the polls and vote for the names that they recognize and remember, even if they know nothing else about the person!

Having a recognizable name and logo are so important – even if someone has never heard of your business before, maybe they remember seeing it on a mug that a friend was drinking from, or maybe they happened to see it on Pinterest, or maybe they often see friends sharing your content on Facebook so they recognize your logo from your profile picture.

No matter the situation, having a strong and unique logo will serve to help others remember you and trust you more based on that remembrance.

It Helps Build Brand Identity

Your logo is a super important part of your brand identity!

While it certainly isn’t the most important thing, your logo should build the foundation of a successful brand for you.

Fonts, colors, and the overall design of your logo can tell the story of your business. These elements will eventually translate from your logo onto other branding materials, like the landing page of your website, business cards, social media, etc. to (hopefully) create a solid brand identity.

It Distinguishes You from Your Competitors

Your logo should have elements that tell your dream client what exactly makes your business unique. It should tell a story about what makes you stand out!

Think about it this way – there are 50 million* logo designers on the internet right now, but how many of them specialize in hand-lettered logos? Not many, I can tell you that! Having the hand-lettered element in my logo is something that makes me stand out amongst a sea of other logo designers, and it shows my skill level and design style to anyone who lands on my website.

*this is an approximation but sure as heck feels accurate!

Hopefully, you now see what makes logos so important! While it’s certainly not the cornerstone of your brand, it’s an important piece of the puzzle and should be well-thought-out and very intentional.

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