Logo Redesign for Rebecca Fletcher Designs!

I am so thrilled to be able to showcase my new business logo! I have gone through hours of drafts and revisions, scrapping my ideas more than once and starting from scratch, trying to find the perfect logo to represent my business.

Making my own logo proved to be much more difficult than making a logo for someone else. I had a vague idea of what I wanted, but I struggled to really nail down exactly what I was looking for, which is why I found myself making so many revisions.

I’ve talked before about how you don’t need the perfect logo when you are first starting out, but as a graphic artist I knew that I really needed a good, solid logo that showcases my own logo design skills as well as representing my bueiness!

So, instead of just showing off my logo, I thought it would be fun to make a little timeline of the process I went through after deciding to change it! You will have inside access to my doodles and art boards, my thought process, and then you’ll finally get to see the end result!

Why the Change?

Wondering why I decided that now is the right time to change up my logo and branding?

Let’s start from the beginning- I had this circular logo for a few years, and I absolutely loved it!

(Disclaimer: I still love her. She was a good logo.)

I started thinking about updating my own logo when I began diving into branding and logo design. I read about the importance of having a primary and a secondary logo as well as a sub mark. Having several variations of a logo is important to make sure it will always visually fit in any space where you might need a logo.

I realized that the circular logo was pretty restrictive when my business coach told me that it took up way too much space at the top of my website… and it did!

I knew that I liked the hand lettered element of my logo and really wanted to keep that, so I set out to find a more modern version with the same feel to it.

This is a snapshot of my first round of drafts, done on my iPad. As you can see, I was leaning really heavily into the hand lettered elements, but nothing seemed quite right. It just didn’t POP the way I wanted it to, and even though I can see slight variations in the different sections, they all basically looked the same to me… and, unfortunately, I didn’t love any of them.

I hated the way that my first name was turning out, which is why I began writing my husband’s name (Thomas) instead of my own.

I decided to begin a new art board and try a brand-new approach. I came up with this design and couldn’t quite decide if I loved it or hated it, so I decided to sleep on it.

I came to realize that I liked the thinness of the lines and all of the white space, but I wasn’t crazy about the low contrast of the letters. I prefer the calligraphy style of thin uplines and thick downlines.

I also realized that this logo would take up the same amount of visual space as the circular one, which is something I was trying to avoid.

Keeping those elements in mind, I continued trying different things to come up with a logo that I loved- here is another art board of my thoughts and doodles!

After this round of drafts, I realized that I was more drawn to the logos that featured the serif text. I decided to try some typography along with the hand lettered elements I wanted to include.

After a few different font and hand lettering combinations, I came up with this design. I loved the look! It combined a typeface first name and a hand lettered last name. It felt fresh and modern, which is exactly what I was going for.

But (because there’s always a ‘but,’ right?) when I showed it to my husband, his response was… “Meh.”

He said he didn’t think it represented me or my business.

Now, keep in mind that my husband isn’t exactly the kind of ideal client I’m trying to attract here… but I decided to take a few days to live with the logo. I looked at it once or twice a day to see if my feelings changed toward it.

After sitting with the logo for a few days, I still really liked it, but it felt very heavy to me. There just wasn’t enough white space within the logo itself. I wanted something with the same elements- a mix of type and hand lettering with a box around it- but it needed to be different.

I decided to play around with a serif font as well as the sans-serif, and to try a calligraphy pen instead of a (thicker) brush pen. Here are some of my doodles, including the logo that I eventually chose!

And here we have it- the final product! This logo feels fresh and exciting to me. I love all three variations that I created!

This logo has all of the elements I want to communicate to my ideal audience: it’s clean, minimalistic, and represents my brand well.

The stacked and circular logos will be used on branding and marketing items such as social media posts and business cards. The longer rectangular one could be used for stationery or a website header. There are so many possibilities with these new logos, and I am so excited to be able to share them with you!

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