Should I Open an E-commerce Store?

Have you ever thought about opening your own online store to sell products that are in line with the service you offer clients?

Or have you ever simply wanted to expand your income to include sources of passive income that require little day-to-day effort?

Well, good news! If you have a service-based business, there are absolutely ways for you to utilize e-commerce shops, specifically print-on-demand, to increase your profits and bring more awareness to your brand and services.

Maybe now you’re thinking, Well, okay, she says that this is something I can do… but what would I even offer? I sell a service, not a physical product.”

What would I even offer?

Maybe you’re a coach who coaches photographers, and you want to start selling merchandise to your clients and other photogs. Your students would probably love to purchase a shirt that says “Oh, Snap!” or a mug that says “Editing Day Fuel.”

Or perhaps you’re a Doula and you want some swag to offer your clients and also to draw more attention to your business. A really cozy sweatshirt or tote bag that says “Mama,” or maybe a coffee mug that says “Mommy Juice” (because coffee is L.I.F.E. when you’re a new mom) would be a great way to accomplish both of those things!

Or maybe you’re a gourmet coffee roaster, and you want to have some specially-designed coffee mugs available for your customers. This would be really great to advertise as a gift for a coffee snob! You could advertise a special deal if your customers order a bag of coffee and a mug (even though they will be shipping from two different locations) as an incentive for them to purchase your coffee as a gift.

Maybe you run a podcast with a killer tagline that your listeners love, and you know that they would go crazy for a shirt that has the tagline on it (which, by the way, would also serve as free advertising for your podcast).

What I’m getting at is- no matter what service you offer your clients, there are certainly ways that you can utilize print on demand services to add passive income while also increasing your brand awareness!

So what’s next?

There are a couple of different ways to go about creating your own print-on-demand items.

You could use Canva, which is what I used to make all of the mockups above. (Note- some of the images and fonts are only available with a premium account).

You could use the print on demand sites, some of which offer their own ready-to-go designs and basic fonts for you to create your own designs.

You can design on an art app. All of my designs are done in the Procreate app on my iPad Pro.

Or… you could hire someone to create your designs for you. (Someone like me!) You and I would still work together to come up with designs that are true to your brand (or the brand you want to create) and that you will LOVE selling!

No matter which route you choose, I believe that you can be successful in marketing your items and making a little extra income on the side! If you are interested in my design services, please drop me an email or an Instagram DM. I would love to help you stand out among the masses with a great product!

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