My Collaboration* with the Kaffrin Roof Company

I love helping other business owners and entrepreneurs stand out among the masses by collaborating with them to design products that can be sold or gifted to their clients or customers.

There are so many benefits to having physical swag to offer to clients, whether it be gifted or sold! Giving gifts to clients is such a great way to show that you truly value them, beyond just for the money they paid you!

When sending a client gift, you can offer a personal message- something simple, like “Hey, Thomas! It was so great working with you this year. Please enjoy this (item) as a token of my appreciation for your business.”

Sending client gifts, even unbranded ones, will also help ensure that your clients keep you front-of-mind when thinking about another project or when asked for recommendations. Along the same lines, if you choose a gift that’s practical and useful, your clients will often be reminded of your great service.

For example, we receive a magnet calendar from our realtor every year around the holidays. Even though we haven’t worked with him since 2015, we still see his name and company logo every time we look at the refrigerator and, since we had a great experience with him, we will certainly remember his information if asked for a realtor recommendation.

I am so excited to be building this side of my business and look forward to working with many small businesses and entrepreneurs! This is a whole new ball game for me, and I’m embracing it with open arms.

To illustrate what a collaboration with me might look like, I am outlining a collaboration below. This collab was with a roofing company who was looking for gifts to give clients at the closing of a contract. Keep reading to see what they were looking for and how I was able to help!

The Want

The Kaffrin Roof Co. is an all-female-owned roofing company who works out of Columbus, Ohio.*

They were looking for something to tip the scales and help them stand out amongst a sea of competitors. While being all female-owned definitely sets them apart in this male-dominated industry, they were looking for something a little bit more.

They wanted a physical product that they could gift their clients after their contracts had been fulfilled. Like all businesses, KRCo wanted to stay front-of-mind so that their clients, current and former, would think to recommend them to friends and family. But, they didn’t just want to slap their logo on a shirt and give it away for free!

You might say that they wanted to… raise the roof… and upscale their client gift!

The Collaboration

I had an idea of the vision that KRCo wanted to bring to their products,, including their desired colors, styles, and what kind of products they wanted to be able to give customers (bold and beautiful, but still something the customers would use on a daily or weekly basis).

I was able to take their vision and create two different products that KRCo can use as client gifts. These items certainly have a feminine flair, but also show the boldness required to be a strong female voice in a male-dominated industry.

The final products- this mug and tote bag.

These items showcase the femininity of the company, but are also bold and eye-catching… and they have puns related to the industry, which is something that I love to work with!

In the end, KRco ended up with two beautiful products and two files that they have the exclusive rights to, meaning that they can take the files and place them onto any product and use it as a client gift or even to sell to clients, should they want to go that route. They have beautiful, branded products (with the ability to make an unlimited amount more) and their customers have fun, useful, lovely items to use.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

*The Confession

*Okay, confession time- the Kaffrin Roof Company is a company I made up.

Mind Blown Cats! Cat Mind Blown - YouTube

It doesn’t really exist (but how cool is the idea of an all-female roofing company, right?!). The name and faux business is based on one of the nicknames I call my daughter (Kaffrin Roof is a play on Katherine Ruth).

I didn’t make up this whole story to deceive you (I mean, I’m calling myself out here!), but instead to showcase my work and to give an overview of what working with me looks like!

I truly am looking forward to working with many badass entrepreneurs, like the (fictional) ladies from the Kaffrin Roof Company.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is looking for client gifts, please feel free to contact me and we can chat to see if we would be a good fit! To check out my styles, feel free to browse through my Etsy shop.