Rebecca Fletcher Designs: Behind the Brand

Buckle up, friends, because I’m taking you on a wild ride today!

I had intended for this to be mostly a text post, but then I got on my Instagram and scrolled allllll the way back to the very beginning of my hand lettering journey. I found so many pictures and saw such a drastic evolution that I decided to take you on a photo journey so you can truly see the evolution of my style and skills.

If you’re looking for the creme de la creme, AKA my absolute first and worst pieces, scroll all the way to the bottom and prepare to be shocked and amazed with how absolutely terrible they are. 😉

The first post I could find on Instagram was from December of 2016, which was the ‘Have Courage and Be Kind’ piece. I painted that with Crayola watercolors while on hold with Walt Disney World (for 2+ hours) trying to update our upcoming vacation package.

I was so incredibly proud of that art and, looking at it objectively, it’s certainly not the worst thing I ever made!

Here are some other pieces from around the same timeframe! During this time, I didn’t know what mockups were so I physically printed out each thing I made, cut it with scissors to 8×10, placed it in a frame, and took actual pictures of it.

It was so tedious, because the lighting in our house was only good for about 1 hour a day. I can remember several times when we were out and about and I found myself thinking, “I need to get home to get pictures before the sun goes away!”

Oh, those were simpler times, my friends.

Thankfully, this was the end of the DIY photo sessions because I finally figured out how to use mockups!

(And thank goodness, and hallelujah, and all the people sang AMEN.)

Around this time, I also began experimenting with physical paint. That was a year-long failed experiment- I was never happy with the outcome so I wasn’t willing to spend money on nicer supplies… even though I knew that spending money on nicer supplies would yield a better result! Don’t let the caption fool you here- I hated how this turned out.

Around this time (11/17), I began experimenting with different kinds of brushes on the Procreate app. This one, for example, is a monoline brush that keeps the same size no matter how much or how little pressure you put on the Apple Pencil.

Eventually, I began adding *GASP* color into my pieces! (Though sparingly, and usually only one color at a time. Didn’t want to go too crazy, ya know?)

I still really love this particular piece.

Okay, this next one is actually pretty cool. I’m still very proud of it. I worked on it for several days and posted it on Instagram on New Year’s Eve, tagging my favorite taco shop in Columbus. They saw it and emailed me an e-gift card that paid for our next trip there, saying, “We want and need tacos, too!”

Eventually, I began in typography and interweaving letters-

I took a break from my iPad and lettering for awhile when I was pregnant out of necessity and a lack of time (and energy), so that brings us into recent months. These are my most recent artworks for Instagram- they reflect my most recently acquired skills, a little experimentation, and a lot of love and pride!

That was a super fun trip down memory lane!

If you’ve made it this far, either by reading or by scrolling, I can assume that you’re here for the really good stuff. The worst most beautiful art out of all the art. You won’t find these bad boys on my Instagram or Facebook feeds- only here (and for good reason).

So now, I present to you- my very first digital pieces, which I was so proud of-

Ask me no questions and let’s just pretend that you never saw those, okay? 😉

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