Perks of Using a Travel Agent for your Walt Disney World Vacation

This is a guest post from Morgan from Exclusive Travel by Morgan!

I don’t need a travel agent for my Disney vacation.

I have traveled to Disney theme parks my entire life. Family trips, friend trips, couple trips, weeklong trips, long weekends… you name it, I’ve done it. All of these trips I/ my family planned on our own, requiring hours of research, price checking, comparing, and early mornings for Fastpasses. All because we could do it on our own and didn’t need a travel agent to help us. If you have planned a Disney vacation, you know what kind of commitment I’m talking about. 

Hello! I’m Morgan Williams with Exclusive Travel Partners. I specialize in planning all Disney Vacations. Traveling is one of my greatest excitements in life and to share that with my clients is such a blessing! Also, check out this super cute Rebecca Fletcher Design. 😉

I always believed a few things to be true about travel agents: 

  • A travel agent must cost MORE money. 
  • A travel agent has ulterior motives and won’t really understand our specific requests and preferences. 
  • A travel agent doesn’t pay attention to details and wishes like I can on my own. 

It was after a trip I planned for just my husband and I that I realized just how much time I was putting into this Disney vacation. I was also pretty dang proud of the itinerary I dreamed up. I had one goal in mind when planning, to intentionally plan a trip FOR my husband. He had learned to appreciate some parts of Disney, after a few trips with my family of TWELVE, yes TWELVE! I consider my family Disney veterans, rope droppers and park hoppers. Let’s just say baptism by fire is what my husband’s Disney experiences had been. So when I had the opportunity to plan a trip for just US, I took full advantage and had so much fun with it! 

I learned through prepping for this trip…

1. It is A LOT of work.

2. I actually really enjoyed the work.

3. I could help other people plan their dream vacation.

As we were on this trip I saw first hand the excitement my husband had when I intentionally planned new experiences and itineraries JUST FOR HIM! It was then that I opened up a discussion with a family friend about joining their travel agency family, Exclusive Travel Partners. Let me tell you, this agency is honest. This agency is knowledgeable. This agency is intentional. I jumped right in, quickly finding all my travel agent assumptions to be FALSE. 

A travel agent must cost MORE money.

When you book with me, the vendor in which you are traveling with (Disney, Royal Caribbean, Sandals, Hilton, etc.) pays me commission off your sale! THIS MEANS MY SERVICES ARE FREE TO YOU! I also have access to vendors and sales that the public may not easily find or have access to. I compare options till I find the best fit and best price for your budget! Save yourself time and let a vacation be a vacation, even from the early planning stages. I also offer gift cards, incentives and bonus dollars when you book through me! 

A travel agent has ulterior motives and won’t really understand our specific requests and preferences. 

It was when I saw my husband all-in with Disney, all because I was intentional with his interests, that I realized how important it is to plan vacations FOR the people traveling. My goal when serving my clients is to make their unique wishes come true, while also sharing options for new/ add-on experiences clients may or may not have knowledge of. I am a member of many groups with tips & tricks, sneak peaks and professional development/training. This allows me to stay up to date with all things Disney. 

For my husband, Star Wars a Galactic Spectacular dessert party fit his interests perfectly! His mind was blown…. drinks, dessert, Storm Troopers, fireworks. I HIGHLY recommend!

I begin with your budget, wish lists, interests and Disney experience. I then put together packages and give appropriate options that best fit your family. For example, when the infamous dining plan question comes up… “Are the dining plans worth it?”, I get to know my clients. I ask what type of meals a family prefers, how often a family wants to sit-down and eat, and how important food is on a vacation. I then give my HONEST answer. Fact: I can make commission on dining plans, but this does not guide my response. I don’t always purchase the dining plan when I travel, so how can I always promote it?

A travel agent doesn’t pay attention to details and wishes like I can on my own.  

I give you resort options with price comparison, transportation comparisons, food comparisons, and pool comparisons. We talk through dining options and I reserve dining for you 180 days out. I take Fastpass requests and wake up at 7:00 am, 60 days out. With a pixie dust (and coffee), I put together your perfect Disney days! 

Up and at it booking client Fastpasses! 

You share your payment information with me to make an initial $200 deposit. As weeks and months go by, you message me with a quick, “Please pay $300 on the card ending in 5632 on Friday June 28”. Payment done. No logging into MyDisney for you. Can you say time saver!? Tips and tricks for specific theme parks are shared with all my clients upon final payment. These tips have been known to help families maximize their park days. 

My favorite little detail when planning trips is gifting my clients. I am always SO thankful when people support my small business.  

A personalized bag for a 4-year-old Ursula fan and yummies to get through the packing. Disney Cruise Line clients received these Mickey gift bags with all kinds of sailing goodies! 

After booking, I continue checking new sales to ensure you are receiving the best price available. Last month I was able to save a client $250.00 just by checking their reservation when the new sale prices were released. Imagine waking up to a text that says, “I just saved you $250 on your Disney vacation.” That’s some legit magic if you ask me! 

Things go wrong on vacations; we all have been there. I am an advocate for you even as you travel. Stay at the park and skip the front desk, while I call and trouble shoot for you!  

Has anyone ever tried to complete a large group booking on your own? If you have, I’m sure you would agree, just let me take on this beast. There are many moving parts and it helps to have an agent leading the charge keeping all parties on the same page. Just imagine the nightmare MyDisney Experience can be when large parties aren’t linked properly! 

I still don’t know why I would book through you when I love and know all things Disney.

There is a thrill, an excitement, an anticipation when planning your own Disney vacation. I totally get it! Know that I can be as involved or uninvolved as you would like. Even the most knowledgeable Disney clients of mine have shared how important it is to have someone on your side, someone to brainstorm with, get new ideas from, and someone you know is accessible from planning to travel. 

*As an Earmarked Agency, Exclusive Travel Partners specializes in Disney vacations. We plan all cruises, Universal, all-inclusives, domestic, and international vacations, as well! Keep us in mind when dreaming up your next vacation. We’ll save you time AND money. It’s a beautiful thing. 


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