Nine Hand Lettering Artists You Should be Following on Instagram

As a hand lettering artist, I follow a lot of other lettering artists on Instagram. I love looking through their accounts for inspiration, motivation, and sometimes a firm kick in the butt to get off the couch and make something (even if it sucks)! Some of the accounts I’ll name here are huge accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, and others are smaller accounts that I find just as motivating. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and prepare to be amazed with how freaking talented people can be!

  1. Stefan Kunz – I can’t remember exactly how I came across his account, but Stefan has given me motivation time and time again. From his amazing chalkboard wall videos to how he letters on all kinds of things (including a toilet seat and a car!), he is always working on something amazing. (And he’s responded to several of my Instagram DMs, so I love him even more for it!)

2. Elizabeth Gray, The Grayter Good – Elizabeth was one of the first hand lettering artists I ever followed, and I immediately fell in love with her account because of her beautiful lettering style, her love of coffee, and her adorable cat, Emmy, who makes an appearance in lots of her pictures! She also keeps it super real with her captions and really pushes the limits with her Photoshop skills, like what you can see below. I love following her account!

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3. Tara, Rad and Happy – You guys, Tara’s account is so much fun to follow! Her kids and her puppy are absolutely precious. She makes coloring pages you can purchase and print or color digitally. The sass that comes through in her hand lettering is REAL. She’s also done some killer cool things, like created a fabric design and made a planner! Follow her account and I promise, you’ll love it!

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My lifelong struggle 😂😴

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4. Ian Barnard – I started following Ian when I purchased his letter builder tool and have been so utterly amazed with his work! He letters on all kinds of really fun things- a mini guitar, an egg… he even did lettering with a piece of broccoli to show that tools don’t matter nearly as much as skills do! He is a huge source of inspiration for me, and I hope you check out his account! (This balloon drawing BLEW. MY. MIND.)

5. Sarah Stevens, Cellar Designs – Okay, guys, Sarah’s lettering is so beautiful that I’ve spent hours stalking her Instagram page. Her style is so unique and dainty, yet somehow still powerfully strong. And the stuff she can do with reclaimed wood blows my mind! When I letter on wood, it looks like white crayon on brown construction paper. When she does it, it looks like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Go check out her account but remember, you may be stuck there for awhile looking at all of her beautiful pieces!

6. Emily Stahl, Emily Stahl Design Co. – Welcome to the e-home of one of my Instagram besties! Emily is the sweetest person alive and has an adorable feminine style that I love. She makes lots of things local to St. Louis and Missouri, but she also has lots of other prints (and stickers) available in her Etsy shop. I have one hanging in my office and love looking at it every day!

7. Chalked by Mabz – Mabz is, hands down, the most badass lettering artist I’ve come across. She tells it like it is, sprinkles the F-bomb like it’s confetti, and quite honestly draws some of the most beautiful florals I’ve ever seen. Her #imaginationflowers blow my mind and make me want to hire her to paint them on all the walls of my house. (ALL. THE. WALLS.)

8. Brooke Freiheit, Bravo Foxtrot Designs – I’ve been following Brooke for awhile and I absolutely love her lettering style! I love how she incorporates florals and patterns into her designs, and she uses tons of beautiful colors in her pieces. She sells beautiful prints and stickers in her Etsy shop, so you will definitely want to check her out!

9. Rebecca Fletcher Designs – Sound familiar? Oh, it’s me! This is a shameless plug but I must say, if you’re interested in hand lettering and the accounts listed above, I do believe you’ll love my content (and, as a bonus, pictures of my precious cats).

So there we have it, 9 accounts that you should definitely be following! I know that there are so many more that I didn’t include, but this list will definitely help you get started. Who are your favorite artists to follow? Please let me know in the comments, because I’d love to follow them, too! 🙂

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